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Words documents or MSWORD documents are those documents that are written in the Microsoft office’s MS word application. This application is a free commercial word processor which has been designed by Microsoft and is used to type documents according to need and requirement.

Word documents have been is use ever since the year 1995 when the first version of the MS Word was released by the company. This was a 32 bit version of the product and was the simplest and straight forward word 6.0 port. Ever since then, there have been a few advanced versions, the latest being the 2010 version which is much more customisable.

There are many features which can be added to any document that is made as a word document. The following points describe a few of those features:

  • Word Art-This feature enables drawing text in a word document.
  • Bullets and numbering –Any word document can include different subheadings and topics which is done through bullets and extensive numbering feature which also helps in making lists, chapters and headers etc…
  • Creating tables-different versions of Word can help one do different types of calculation with the help of the formulas supported by that version.
  • AutoCorrect- using this feature, MSWord can itself correct the errors which it detects itself.
  • AutoSummarise-this feature highlights any important piece of information that it considers valuable.

Most of the presentations and projects these days are made with the help of Word documents which has become a household document framing technique.

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