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A word document template is an accepted pattern of a document written in Microsoft Word. Creating and saving documents in word can alleviate the chances of accidental loss or damage of files that are completely safe in the software. It must be laid out in detail but comprehensively so that the readers learn all the aspects.

You can Download the Free Word Document Template customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Document Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Document Template:

Word Document Template

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Marriage Certificate Document

Marriage Registration Number: _____________

This certificate is issued under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, in the name of Mr. __________________________________ and Mrs. ________________________________ who have entered the sacred institution of marriage on _______ [day] of ___________ [month] of ___________ year. They become husband and wife from _________ [appropriate date of registration]

Place of marriage: ____________________ [Provide the venue address where the wedding had taken place. Enclose proper evidences]

Name of the groom: _______________________________

Full Address: __________________________ [Provide the groom’s whereabouts]

Parents’ Name: _________________________

Date of birth: __________________________ [Provide correct date. Furnish the birth certificate as age proof]

Status: _______________________________ [Provide the status of the groom whether a widower, divorcee or unmarried]

Religion: _____________________________ [Provide his religious status]

Name of the bride: ______________________

Full Address: __________________________ [Provide the required details of the bride’s whereabouts]

Guardian’s Name: ______________________

Date of birth: _______________                                             Age: ___________________

Status: __________________________ [Provide the status of the bride at the time of marriage]

Religion: ________________

Name of the witness: ________________________________ [Give the full name of the person testifying the marriage]

Relation: __________________________________________ [State whether the witness is a family member or a friend]

Signature of the groom: ___________________________

Signature of the bride: _____________________________

Signature of the witness: ___________________________

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