What Is the Purpose of Design Documents

There are different types of design documents such as software design document, game design document, technical design document, etc. Each of these documents consists of a specific goal and serves a specific purpose. You can use the required type, when you know what is the purpose of design documents.

Software Design Document

This document specifies all the details regarding the implementation of software application. It serves a blueprint to the programmers to follow. It provides a detailed description of architecture of the system. It also gives information about, whether the necessary prerequisites were addressed or not.

Software design document helps in providing guidance to the software developers, about the architecture of the project.  It should contain as many details as possible, so as to keep the development team focused on their project work. This document is considered very important to new project members, as it serves as a useful training manual. It is often used as a user guide, throughout the scope of the software project.

Game Design Document

A game design document provides detailed description of a video game. It is prepared by the game development team and is used mainly in the gaming industry. The designers, developers, programmers and artists collaborate together, to produce a high quality game design document.

The purpose of this document is to clearly specify the selling points of the game, its target audience, designing of levels, game-play, user interface, story, characters involved, etc. The document is divided into different sections, so that it enables the game developers to easily refer to the required part and maintain relevant information. Most of the video game design documents consist of sections like game controls, story, art, sound and music, design of environment, etc.

Technical Design Documentation

The main purpose of technical design document is to link the processes, ideas, products, technologies, with people who require that information in a user-friendly manner. This document contains detailed information related to a product. It is intended for the readers to understand and use the product. Technical design document includes user instructions, installation manual, operating instructions, manual of software, servicing instructions, etc.

Product-related information includes product description, design, model, features, quality assurance, operations, functionalities, manufacturing, interfaces, instructions regarding the correct use of product, repair services and its disposal in a safe manner.
This document consists of complete history and life cycle of the product. These are written by technical experts in specific fields, keeping the targeted audience in mind.

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