What is a Word Document

Microsoft word offers a great deal to its users to frame any kind of document according to the need. This widely and variedly used word processor is flexible enough for the novice computer writers as well. It can not only help in documenting a word document properly but can also help in maintaining various attributes which would not have been possible with generic or hand written document. Some of the significant benefit of constructing a word document is as follows:

  • In MS word, confidential documents can be protected with set passwords which can only be opened by the drafter or by one who knows the password. This helps in storing documents safely on the computer system even without taking a print out of it.
  • Numerous in-built templates are available in MS word which can be used according to the requirement. These templates match perfectly for drafting a business document or the one for a college fest.  Even one can also customize these templates using various designs forms and pictorial presentations.
  • Even word document has the provision of highlighting important lines. This helps to make special emphasize on those lineaments which are important in a particular digital text.
  • Word document essentially creates provision in inserting graphics or charts and graphs relevant to the context. Even, it offers layout for creating spreadsheets.
  • The word documents are created digitally; hence, one can easily retrieve it whenever needed as the chances of losing it almost get nullified like hand written documents. This also helps in making necessary changes at the time of need.

There are many more features in Microsoft word which helps to create a document uniquely and with proficiency. Only one has to ensure proper use of the following features so that it becomes effective in designing a word document relevant to the purpose.

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