What is a Tender Document

A tender document is an officially written and approved article which highlights the sale scheme and price quotations placed as a proposition. Thus, the framing of a tender stands on intellectual and creative sensibility. The language needs special attention followed by the design. The acceptance of such a proposal is guaranteed mainly by the way it is planned and presented to the contracting agency. Planning has to be done to meet the client’s specifications meticulously and presentation has to be high on valid content.  The juxtaposition of the company’s achievements and interests has to be accomplished in an organized manner in order to draw a wholesome picture of what the company has been up to.

The key points of consideration in this context are elaborated here that the documenter must contemplate while drafting the tender document:

  • Each component of the business process and the criteria set for the project has to be mentioned in detail so that the client is informed about the procedures and tasks involved in the attainment of the business objective.
  • The prices and costs have to be validated in specific columns against each criterion. It should be ensured that the costs indicated in the proposal are practically projected without running the risk of being underestimated or overestimated as both the situations are considered unhealthy for a business contract.
  • It is advisable to make a table of contents, in the preliminary segment of the document, serving as the parent plan which would eventually enable the contractor to know how to build his expectations realistically.
  • It should be drawn up after extensive research on the item or service that will be delivered or initiated through the contract respectively. This would suffice the company’s need to know and understand the contractor’s motto better based on which further steps can be taken.

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