What is a Specification Document

The specification document is the type of document that explicitly states the specific nature of a particular commodity or service. This type of document highlights the necessary requirements that are expected from a product or service. The specification document sets a standard which the product or service must meet. In case of the product not meeting the specification, it is said to be ‘out of specification’.  All related information concerning the product is mentioned in the specification document. The main objective of this document is to educate on how a specific product works or how it is required to work.

The specification document is used by both private and public firms that divulge the necessary details pertaining to the product or service.  The language used in the specification document must be very professional and extreme care must be taken to ensure that all details have been mentioned in the specification document.

  • The specification document must have a proper relevant introduction that describes the overall motive of the entire document.
  • The document can be accompanied with specific diagrams and flow charts that are necessary for product description
  • The specification document should also highlight the required standard that the product must meet. In case the product does not meet this standard, proper methods must be mentioned so that this can be rectified.
  • The document must be written in an organized and formal fashion. Every paragraph must contain a particular heading. Bulleting can also be done to maintain the formal tone of the document.

The specification document is essential for any business organization as it relates the necessity of the product as well as highlights its qualities. It is also a great method to analyze the product thoroughly and in case of errors propose pragmatic solutions that can be followed for rectification.

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