What is a Research Document

Research document is a paperwork which presents any citation related to a particular research work. The nature of the research document defers according to the purpose it has to serve. This various kind involves a research report, evaluation or assessment document, research needs document, business research market research etc. Regardless of its various types, a research document has to be drafted in a general approach yet by maintaining professionalism at its best so that it could be referred. Some of the important guidelines which remain unaltered for every kind of document are as follows:

  • Ensure to draft the document under the vigilance of recognized body. This helps the audience to acquire a confidence in its authentication. Therefore, details of the authority associated with the framing of the concern document have to be explicated at the foremost stage.
  • A research document should initiate with a section of introduction which must highlight the research work in a summative approach so that the intended authority of the document gets a clear idea about the research preceding.
  • Capitalize the objective section of a research document. Essentially, this helps the audience to understand the exact reason behind formulating the particular document.
  • A section on “recommendations” or “implementations” has to be devoted. The lineaments of this section have to be drafted in support of the previous data and findings available on the concern research work.
  • As research documents can be generated for various purposes by targeting wide section of people. Hence, one should try to keep the language of the document lucid and clear. Moreover, simple use of language enhances the readability and accessibility of the document.
  • Finally, ensure that important sections are delineated sequentially yet in a comprehensive approach. This is because a lengthy research document might reduce the interest of the concern audience.

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