What is a Notarized Document

The notary document is an important legal paperwork that is created by law for performing different public requirements. This type of document is handled by a notary who is given the responsibility of handling all legal documents associated with it. This kind of document generally deals with deeds, power of attorney, estates and business-related legal issues. These documents require signatures and the notary’s job is to witness these signatures being done in a proper legal manner. The specific document also requires administering of oaths, making acknowledgements and execution of related documents which are all done by the notary. These documents, hence, are needed to be constructed meticulously as the information contained is not only confidential but also vital to the state law and jurisdiction.

  • The notarized document is required to possess a formal and legal tone whether is it an affidavit, deed, will etc and hence must be formulated by a professional legal expert.
  • The notary’s duty is to draw, attest and certify the notarized documents. All notarized documents must contain the official seal so as to authenticate it in the eyes of the law. These documents, thus, will be acceptable under the jurisdiction of that state and country.
  • Generally, documents must be notarized so as to avoid any form of fraudulence, misconduct or breach of faith from opponent parties involved.
  • The drafting and creating of the notarized documents require certain amount of legal skill and knowledge. The notary must be able to create different documents like business contracts, power of attorney, affidavits etc.
  • The notary is required to possess unbiased attention while witnessing the signing of the legal documents. It is after the notary puts the official seal on the document that the document becomes notarized.
  • Both business and medical documents require to be notarized to avoid any sort of legal dispute from clients and patients, respectively.

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