What is a Legal Document

A legal document is a formal document that is used for recording and expressing certain legal processes, acts, contracts, rights, obligations, duties and evidence that all of these have been agreed to. The legal document can be anything from a will, a deed, and contract to even a law that requires to be passed. It is written under a seal that is affixed on the document by either paper or wax seal. This proves the authenticity of the document in the eyes of the law. In various countries, this practice of sealing the legal document is slowly being removed. There are various points that need to be kept in mind while constructing the legal document. These are as follows:

  • The names of the parties (petitioner and the respondent) involved should be mentioned in the document. The state under which the parties belong should also be mentioned.
  • The purpose of this legal document should also be specified. It can be a will, a contract, bond or a deed. This must be mentioned as clearly as possible.
  • The title of the document as well as the date on which this is presented should also be mentioned in the legal document.
  • All the legal details concerning this document should be mentioned very clearly in the legal document. There should not be any confusion concerning the content of this document. The document will be used for legal purposes and hence this should be avoided.
  • The different terms and conditions of the petitioner should be mentioned in the document.
  • The legal document is signed and sealed in front of witnesses and one must ensure this while formulating the document.
  • In case of any misdemeanor or failure to follow the stated conditions, there must be provisions made for legal consequences in the legal document.

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