What is a divorce document

A divorce document is one which is filed by an estranged couple seeking a divorce or an annulment of marriage. Such a document is legally valid and thus, must be composed by legal experts. A divorce document must also be comprehensive and include all information that is related to the divorce like alimony and division of assets. Some of the important information that a divorce document must incorporate are as follows:

  • Information regarding the personal and professional designation of the two individuals who have decided to end their matrimonial bond.
  • Reasons for the divorce: It must be specified if the marriage will be ended mutually, with consent of both husband and wife, or if the marriage shall be tried before a court. In the latter event, the claims of the prosecuting party and the defense of the other must be clearly outlined.
  • In many states, divorces cannot be granted before the estranged couple has received counseling. This should also be specified. Details like the duration of counseling, the results of counseling and other general information must be provided to make a comprehensive divorce document.
  • The divorced couple‚Äôs assets must be clearly specified. The division of assets is often the most contentious and acrimonious part of the divorce and care should be taken to ensure that there is no confusion with regards to the same.
  • The issue of children is a sensitive one. If there are children in the marriage, care should be taken to mention whether joint guardianship is granted, or whether guardianship has been granted to either husband or wife. In some cases, the deprived parent is also granted visitation rights and this too must be clearly highlighted.

Thus, a divorce document should be framed only by professionals and it must be in conformity with what the legal system demands. It must be signed by both the individuals as well as their lawyers and witnesses in order to be ratified and declared binding.

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