What is a Design Document

Design documents are used for outlining the designing related details of graphics, software, handloom or any other category of design work. This kind of papers is generally presented by the person or department in charge of designing to the concern authority after preparing it.  It outlines the drawings or specifications and other related details of a designing work.

The formulation of different kind of design documents depends upon the purpose that is to be depicted; but, few basic criteria for documenting such papers which remain unaltered are as follows:

  • The drafter should carefully understand the purpose of the design document that is to be formulated. This is because; it would help in constructing the entire document efficiently.
  • The approach of the document should be specific and focused. This would help the intended authority to get an idea of the purpose and process involved towards fulfilling it.
  • It is needless to mention that designing specification or drawing solely depends upon the concern designing work and its type. However, all the important stipulation should be clearly mentioned so that the document must be open for making modification, if any required or incase of any need in future for enhancing its acceptability.
  • The entire design document must have proper pictorial and graphical representation in support of the written statement. This is because designing works are better understood by the picture representation.
  • One must ensure the document is not being framed in an ad-hoc approach. All the points should be incorporated in a chronological format.

The purpose of designing is extensive and it requires strong sense of innovation so as to improve the existing designing pattern or creating anew. Therefore, the drafter must have a bend of mind towards creativity. Moreover, such document serves as a blueprint for implementing the designing work into practice.

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