What Documents Are Needed for a Divorce

Divorce is the culmination of marital union, ending legal duties of marriage and terminating the bonds of matrimony between the individuals. This legal process may involve issues such as child custody, alimony, property distribution and debt division. Your attorney requires some documents, to be used in the divorce procedure. When you are filing for a divorce, you should know what documents are needed for a divorce and keep them handy.

Income Documents

  • You will need paycheck receipts of your employment in the previous year. If you are in self – employment business, you should produce income tax returns or any income forms related to your business. You can also include the paycheck stubs of your spouse for the same year. These receipts can show the deductions and earnings for the time period under consideration.
  • If either of you happen to be self-employed, you should have documents related to business expenses such as bank statements, check registers, payment receipts, canceled checks and financial statements.
  • Include your individual or joint tax returns of state as well as federal, for the last three years.
  • You can include any kind of information which you think will be helpful in establishing your net value or the net worth of your spouse, your combined net worth, and both of your incomes.

Real Estate Documents

  • Enclose the documents which contain legal statement of any property that is owned together or owned individually. You can obtain these from your bank or mortgage company. All documents related to the purchase of real estate are required.
  • Include mortgage statements, if you have any, on property of real estate. Also, you need statement of tax assessor, regarding any of your real estate.
  • You need to provide the documents concerning refinance, if your property has been refinanced.

Savings Accounts

  • Enclose your savings passbooks and individual savings certificates or joint accounts.
  • Any bank statements of last two years, from your account or the one that is jointly held with your spouse can be included.

Life Insurance Documents

  • Provide documents of any life insurance policies concerning you or your spouse or your children.
  • You can include all statements of life insurance policies, whether individual or provided by your employer. Also the documents which indicate cash balance or loans against the policies can be added.


  • Documents listing the debts which are in your name or in the name of your spouse.
  • List out any outstanding debts or unsecured debts which include medical bills, credit cards and other forms of loans.


  • Specification of all the automobiles, equipment used in farming or other types of vehicles, which are owned individually or jointly owned, is necessary.
  • Include the documents which show any outstanding debt on the automobiles such as payment coupons, monthly installments, etc.

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