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A web design document is a statement of the proposed plan and design of the website, which includes the target audience, the objectives of the website, the hardware and software requirements, the financial requirements, the content and technology to be used, the maintenance and development plans and other related inputs. This document is prepared by the web designer or developer of the company and is an indispensable tool for the workers, who work in accordance with this plan.

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Sample Web Design Document:

Web Design Document

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The website of our company is named ‘Edu-Care’, an educational site, mainly designed for students and teachers, whose primary objective is to provide them with educational resources. The website will contain four primary sections: HOME, SUBJECTS, QUERIES, and CONTACT. The HOME section shall outline the introduction and plan of this site. The SUBJECT section is further subdivided into various categories like English, mathematics, history, and so on. The CONTACT section provides the contact information of the company and the registering options.

All website content will be put up in PDF format and shall be made user-friendly for students and teachers. There shall be no software constraints and will operate in almost all windows platform. The browser needed will be internet explorer 5 and above and the screen resolution should be 1024×768. Initially the website will not charge any money from the students for a period of one year, after which students need to register with an amount of $ 10 for one year to access the site. The web designer of developer shall have copyright over all the information of the site and will be responsible for any dispute or discrepancy arising out of it.

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