Verification Mortgage Document

A verification mortgage document is a paperwork which outlines the manner in which the terms and conditions of a certain mortgage deal are to be repeated for the benefit of any individual or party concerned. It is a legal document with legal efficacy and hence must be carefully written and understood. The verification mortgage document rehearses the details of the original mortgage deal and care must be taken to verify and cross check the information provided. It should be written by a professional who is well versed in how to write a verification mortgage document.

Sample Verification Mortgage Document

This is to verify to anyone concerned that the mortgage deal between Jason Rogers of 223 Mapleton Avenue, New York [henceforth referred to as the mortgagee] and MSH Firm Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth referred to as the mortgager] has been honorably discharged by the mortgagee and is hereby declared null and terminated. The deal was effected between the two parties on the 2nd of June 2010 and was to have been terminated on the 2nd of June 2015, after a period of 4 years with 5.78 % compound interest accumulating on the sum of 50 million USD. The mortgagee has cleared his debt and the handover of the property has been completed between the two parties. This document is a verification document of the process as per the state rules, and the directives of the Sessions Court of New York.

All terms and conditions have been read and carefully understood by both parties concerned. This document is in the public realm and can be accessed by the Right to Information clause of Article 34 [ii] of the Mortgage Laws of the state. In case of any doubts or misgivings the case shall be in referral under the aegis of the Sessions Court of New York.

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