Vehicle Lease Document

A vehicle lease document is a formal document which is framed or drafted when a person, THE LESSOR agrees to lease a certain vehicle to another person or party, THE LESSEE for a fixed predecided period of time. These lease arrangements are made if the lessee pays an amount as rent to the lessor. A vehicle lease document must consist of the important details of the lease arrangement such as names of the parties, contact details of the parties, details of rent amount, terms and conditions of the lease contract. Given below is a sample of a vehicle lease document which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Vehicle Lease Document:

Present Date: 12th July 2012

Name of lessor: Raymond Gregson

Name of lessee: Henry Jackson

Date of lease commencement: 23rd July 2012

Date of termination of lease: 23rd Jan 2013

Term of lease: 6 months

Vehicle to be leased: truck

Model number: 45-P, Chevrolet

Rent amount: $ 70 per month

Total rent amount: $420

The following are the significant points of the lease:

  • The lessor shall remain the sole owner of the vehicle even during the lease period.
  • The lease shall terminate in the case when the lessee fails to make two repeated rent payments.
  • The rent must be paid within the first 10 days of the month.
  • The lessee shall remain responsible for the repair, service and maintenance of the vehicle and must ask for written permission in case of driving the truck outside the state of Connecticut.
  • The lessee must pay for the diesel used in the truck.
  • Both the parties must also sign a contract specifying the detailed terms and conditions so as to validate the lease arrangement for the vehicle.

Signatures of the parties:

Raymond Gregson

Henry Jackson

Signature of the witness:

Bill Parker

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