Trust Document Example

Trust document example is an example of a document which is formed in the case when an owner of a property transfers the rights of the property to another party which is called the trustee. These documents are drafted when the owner trusts the trustee to administer the property for a fixed period of time. A sample of a trust document example has been provided below for reference purpose.

Sample Trust Document Example:

Name of settler: Mr. Robert Frost

Name of trustee: Mr. Tim Black

Date of rights transfer: 12th July 2012

Document prepared by: Mr. Peter Browning, Manager of Property

Property address: A-90, Forest Street, London

Date of producing commercial property document: 18th July 2012

Date of approval of commercial property document: 20th July 2012

Time period for transfer of rights: 12 months

Significant clauses and features of trust document:

  • The settler, Mr. Robert Frost has decided to agreed to hand over the rights of the property whose address has been mentioned above to the Trustee for a period of 12 months.
  • The trustee is entitled to handle the administration of the property and look after its care and maintenance.
  • The trustee shall oversee all the repair and services of the property for 12 months from date of rights transfer. He shall be liable to pay all the costs which are incurred on the property maintenance.
  • The settler would be handed over the rights after the termination of the 12 months.
  • The settler would pay an amount of $10000 to the trustee in total.

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