Trust Agreement Document

A trust agreement document refers to the document which is prepared for the purpose of recording all the details of a certain trust that is being established. A sample of such a document which records the details is being given below.

Sample Trust Agreement Document


The trust agreement is being entered between Mr. Jay Thompson, of Michigan, USA, as the settler and the trustee, as on the 25th of June, year 2012.

Name of the trust:

The trust shall be named “The Thompson Memorial”

Name of the trustee: Mr. Jay Thompson


The settler of the trust hereby transfers/ assigns all the property (to be described in the appendix and attached hereto) to the trust, to be held under the trustee. The duties and rights of the trustee are as specified herein.

Duties and Rights of the Trustee:

  • The trustee is granted the right to sell any of the trust property or purchase some via the trust holdings if so adjudged beneficial for the trust.
  • The trustee has the power to invest or reinvest in stocks, bonds, securities and properties.
  • The trustee has the right over the trust to carry a property in its name or holding it unregistered, but doing so without increasing the liabilities of the trustee or the trust.

The beneficiaries of the trust: Mr. Chuck Thompson

Mrs. Lila Thompson

Mr. Jacob Thompson

Mr. Andrew Thompson

Ms. Mila Thompson

Mr. Jonathan Thompson

Mrs. Viola Hastings

The successor of the Trustee: Mr. Chuck Thompson

Description on demise of the initial trustee:

The successor of the trustee mentioned above shall be made the trustee on demise of initial trustee. He/ she shall be bound by the duties and rights of the trustee.

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