Travel Medical Insurance Document

A travel medical insurance document is a document or a formal write up of an arrangement that is made when a person requires a travel medical insurance from the medical health institute of the state or country so as to obtain cover during a medical condition while travelling out of the state or country. These documents list down all the important details of the individual, the insurance provider and also the terms and conditions of the insurance. Given below for your reference purpose is a sample of a travel medical insurance document which can be used by any person.

Sample Travel Medical Insurance Document:

Policy number: S-90/L

Policy period: 3rd Nov 2012-3rd Jan 2013

Name of candidate:  Jacob Brown

Permanent residential address: 6/M, first floor, Martin tower, London

Contact number: 4724094924

Insurance provided by: London healthcare centre

Travelling to destination: India

Travelling from: 3rd Nov 2012 to 1st Jan 2013

The Candidate is being provided a travel medical insurance for a period of 2 months during which he/she shall be insured against the medical charges or fee which have been incurred during travelling.

The following are the coverage parts of the travel medical insurance:

  • First aid/medical equipments
  • Medical fee for injuries
  • Medical fee for consultation
  • Cost of medicines
  • Dental treatment charges
  • Personal injury charges
  • Fever/allergies
  • Eye infection/throat infection
  • Eye check ups
  • Any operation or surgery
  • Any other kind of type of injury, ailment or allergy treatment charges

The following are the important details of the medical insurance.

  • The medical insurance holder must carry a copy of this document to the travel destination so as to produce it whenever required in case of a medical procedure or process.
  • The individual must realize that this insurance shall expire on the termination date and cannot be extended or renewed for the next 6 months.


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