Travel Document Organizer

A travel document organizer is a file which acts as a source of information at the time of making a domestic or international tour. It dishes up as a listed record of the documents that are generally required to seek entry into or leave country. Even for domestic traveling, there are certain papers, the names of which are kept organized in it.

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Sample Travel Document Organizer

Travel Document Organizer

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Name of the holder: Mathew Kennedy

Gender: Male

Age (in years): 50

Address: 56, Rose Garden, United States

Date of preparation of the document: 9th April, 2010


Purpose of the document: This document is prepared for representing the names of those papers, files and documents that are quintessentially required to be produced to the US embassy, police or government officials while traveling to another state within the country or to another country. The list of the items has been drawn up systematically to steer clear from any confusion.


For US Territories:

1. Photo identity card with a recent photo of the bearer in color

2. Proof of citizenship of United States

3. Proof of employment under a government or private organization of the territory

For Associated States:

1. US passport issued by the United States Embassy (valid for 120 days from date of registration)

2. Birth Certificate

3. Naturalization papers

4. Tourist permit document (to stay more than 30 days)


1. Permanent resident card of US

2. Passport

3. Valid Visa

4. NEXUS card

4. Refugee or Emergency travel document (if applicable)

5. Re-entry permit card

6. Merchant Mariner Card/Military ID

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