Travel Agreement Document

A travel agreement document, as clearly implied by the name itself, is one which states the various legal clauses and statements that define an agreement signed between two parties for the purpose of conducting a travel tour or something of a similar form. The travel agreement is to contain such terms and conditions that would be to the benefit of both the parties involved and the document should thus outline the same.

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Sample Travel Agreement Document:

Travel Agreement Document

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This travel agreement document has been prepared to seal the deal between M/s Heritage Companies, hereafter referred to as the participating party, and Happy Journeys Pvt. Ltd., hereafter referred to as the provider party, wherein the former has given a travel contract to the latter, the details of which have been listed at a later section of this document. The document has been made legally and all clauses have been made clear to both parties. Any deviation from the set terms will call for legal proceedings, due to “breach of contract”.

Time period for validity of agreement: Two months

Date of initiation of agreement: 5th July, 2011

Date of closure of agreement: 19th July, 2011

Name of the travel spot: Harvey Gardens

Address: 76, East Road, New York

Point of departure: San Francisco

Date and time of departure: 5th July, 2011 at 7:00 a.m.

Point of return: San Francisco

Date and time [tentative] of return: 19th July, 2011 at 8:30 p.m.

Estimated cost for the travel project: $458500

All travel arrangements such as booking of flight tickets, hotel and lodging arrangements, etc. are to be handled completely by the Happy Journeys Pvt. Ltd. while M/s Heritage Companies is to pay all travel costs incurred.


[Signature of participating party]


[Signature of provider party]


[Advocate’s signature]


[Witness’ signature]

Date: 05.07.2011                                                                                            Place: San Francisco

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