Training Design Document

A training design document describes the basic training processes and identifies the training requirements of any particular training program. Such a document is used to distinguish between problems that can be fixed with the help of the conventional training techniques. Thus, it is a very vital document as far as trainees are concerned and must be prepared by understanding a trainee’s needs.

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Sample Training Design Document

Training Design Document

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Training Design Document for Aviation Industry

Name of the company: Height Air Hostess Training Institute (HAHTI)

Training design required for: Flight attendants

Training design document presented by: Lara Bunch, HR Manager.

Date of submission of document: 20th January, 2017

Lookout: Candidates are required to be smart and presentable and possess certain qualities which can be readily sculpted into the demands of the job through appropriate training.

Purpose: The aim of the institute is to give admission to eligible candidates and train them vigorously so that when they are selected by airline companies, they are able to live up to the expectations and demands of their jobs.

The overall process includes the two main features:

  • Orientation process is one that provides basic background knowledge about the airline companies and their mode of service.
  • Training process is the process which refers to teaching and polishing the technical skills in trainees.

Training techniques:

  • Vestibule Training is a method in which trainees are given lessons using actual equipments in simulated situations.
  • Virtual Reality Training is a method in which trainees are placed in a simulated environment that is virtually the same as physical environment.

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