Tips for Editing Technical Documents

Technical documents tend to be complex, as they contain tables, graphical content, lists and other page elements, apart from text. It becomes difficult for editors to check and edit technical documents. We specify few useful tips for editing technical documents, which will be helpful in your task.

1. Multiple Reviews

Making multiple reviews of the document is an effective way of editing. With each review, concentrate on specific issue. When you are first reading through, check for organization of paragraphs. Each paragraph should be able to convey, one specific idea. In your next review, you can focus on graphical content. Check for consistency of items in bulleted lists, table content, etc.

2. Try to Get Fresh Look

Experienced technical editors make use of some tricks, which help them to get a fresh look of the document, during proofreading. You can start reading the document from backwards, right from the end. You can zoom in or zoom out for editing graphics, or to get a view of the overall page elements contained in the document.

3. Identify Your Weakness

You can be a good editor of your own document, when you know what your weaknesses are. You should make a note of mistakes which you make habitually. Find recurring spelling mistakes or grammatical errors that you make. Acknowledgement of your weaknesses will be useful to you in editing efficiently, as you know what and where to look for.

4. Expect to Find Errors

When you are revising your document, you should expect more errors. Some typical problems which you can look for include punctuation, capitalization, terminology, etc. You may let it rest for a while and start again. Proofread line by line, word by word and if possible, character by character, until you are sure, that there are no errors in your technical document.

6. Every Small Thing Matters

Most of the editors and authors are passionate about good writing, grammar, and everything that matters in coming up with a quality technical document. You should not dismiss any matter as trivial. If required, you can discuss with other authors, which will be helpful in resolving the issues. The more effort you put into writing the technical document, the more effective the outcome will be.

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