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A test design document is one which lays down the designing process of any test performed. It underscores the various elements of a test and harps on each of those individually to create a successful test that would measure what it intends to measure. Thus it should be created diligently through proper item analysis and validation.

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Sample Test Design Document

Test Design Document

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Test Design Document for Mental Health and Neuroscience Centre

Name of the institute: Mental Health and Neuroscience Centre

Test design document required for the post of: Cognitive Psychologist

Test design document designed by: Don Qatar, Chief Advisor, Wellington Group of Hospitals

Date of final authorization of document: 23th February, 201

Nature: Entrance Test

Test design techniques:

  • Item discrimination and item difficulty index
  • Test standardization (Reliability and validity)

Purpose: The purpose is to create a standard question pattern for quality selection of candidates applying for the post of a cognitive psychologist.

Requirements for the post: Candidates are required to master in biological processes like attention, perception of space and time and emotions besides the cognitive field which includes sound knowledge about intelligence including concrete and abstract, aptitude, interest, judgment and problem solving tests.

Elements of the test design document:

  • Questions should be of multiple choice type offering four options for each question in the theoretical version.
  • For the practical version, simulated tests should be designed by bringing in patients from mental hospitals and testing the candidate on their practical skills.
  • Time and marks division should be made appropriately without allotting too much time for each section.

Signature of the Chief advisor: _________________________

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