Tender Documents

Tender documents are written offer made by a corporation made in a kind of a takeover bid. A tender can be made public, private or an open invitation depending from company to company. This document can be brought to the knowledge of stockholders or publicly traded organisation by the means of newspaper articles.

A tender document is usually extended for a specified price and for a specified period of time after which no organisation can claim to bid. Such documents are legal in nature which means that if the issuing party fails to live up to the terms of the document, then they can be forced to face legal implications. It is important to follow a formal tone and a professional outlook while drafting such documents.

People usually hire experts or professionals to get a tender drafted. But in case, you are interested in drafting your own tender document, then the following tips and suggestions might be of help:

  • The date and the duration of the tender should be mentioned in bold letters.
  • The issuing code and policy number etc must be given along with the personal details of the issuing party such as name, address and contact number.
  • There should be a paragraph that explains the details of the tender and its cost etc. This paragraph is the highlight of a tender document and hence must be framed in a detailed manner.
  • The qualifying criteria for bidders should be given in point wise format.
  • The terms and conditions should also be mentioned point wise.

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