Technical Specification Document

A technical specification document is a list of specifications which must be met in order to conform to the goals and requirements of a particular product or service. In order to be effective, every product, especially in the field of software and system engineering, need to mention the goals and then the technical specifications describing details about the system architecture or infrastructure, user dialogue and control flow, database model, background tasks, server and the technologies which will support these functions. If these technical specifications are not followed, then there is a chance that the project goals will not be met and the final product may not be acceptable.

Sample Technical Specification Document:

Name of company: New Age Communications

Address: 722 Sparrow Lane, Brenham

Document prepared by: Dianne King

Project Leader, New Tech Communications

Document prepared on: April 10, 2012

Document submitted on: April 12, 2012

Document name: Technical specifications for CRM software

Purpose: The purpose of the document is to lay down the technical specifications needed for the installation of customer relationship management software for the client’s website

Other details:

  • The networked users do not need any special installation in the computers for the important CRM functions because of a preinstalled web browser, in this case, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Some plugins may need to be installed like mail merge, Adobe Reader and Outlook integration
  • Each site must have proper backup and recovery options
  • Uninterrupted power supply is recommended to prevent loss of data
  • Disk storage must be estimated before installation of hardware

Document approved and signed by: John Lyman

Manager, New Tech Communications

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