Technical Requirements Document

The technical requirement document is a text that is constructed by the company in order to define a new product’s or an existing product’s requirements. This is created after the market requirements have been identified and approved by the management. This document allows the internal factions of the company to understand the product in a more detailed way and how it must function. There are also problems identified which must be solved by certain technical introductions that are part of this document as well. The technical requirements document is a popular method through which a number of features of the product are identified as well as the requirements for each feature.

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Sample Technical Requirements Document:

Technical Requirements Document

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Name of Product: P-CIP (sensory processing element) for CIG/SS

Company Name: RTIP Corporations Ltd.

Date: 4/5/2012

Purpose: The document has been created to identify the system, external interface, electrical and environmental requirements of the P-CIP that is being newly developed by RTIP Corporations Ltd.


System Requirements:

  • The product will require 4 essential features: Processing, Standby, Maintenance and Off.
  • There will also be a requirement for sensor change and adaptability feature during the Processing stated.

External Interface Requirements:

  • Sensory Data Inputs need to be inserted for accepting and processing images.
  • Input Interfaces and Data outputs will also be required.

Electrical Requirements:

  • Power of 9900 Watts is needed.

Environmental Requirements:

At the operating stage, the product will need:

  • Cooling with an optimum inlet air temperature of 55 degrees.
  • Humidity between 20-95%.

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