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The technical guidance document is created for supporting the user during the operation of the given product. This is highly useful as it informs the user about the required steps that are necessary for the proper functioning of the product. This also provides certain information about the product which is useful incase of certain failures or malfunction of the product. The technical guidance document is also useful for investors of the company so that they are kept informed about their investments. The technical guidance document is to be referred to by a variety of individuals and hence, must be constructed in a simple and informative manner.

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Sample Technical Guidance Document:

Technical Guidance Document

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The following Technical Guidance Document has been created for LG Corp. ltd.

Product name: LG Plasma TV 2012

Product code: 34444W

Date: 13/2/2012

Purpose: LG Corp Ltd requires informing its users the basic steps for installing and operating the LG Plasma TV 2012. This has been created after consulting the technical consultant, Mr. Matthews.


  • Installment: The three wires provided are distinguished by its different colors. The red is to be inserted to the main power socket. The green to be inserted to the basic cable wire and the black has been provided for backup in case of any power failure.
  • The remote control is to be used only after the main power has been switched on. The green button on the top left is used for the purpose.
  • The scanning and other channel functions for the TV has been provided for separately in the manual provided.

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