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A technical document is a written record of a certain technical project or work that involves some form of technology as part of its operational procedure. The basic content of the document will definitely be the particular technical project and its aspects. There may be various technical assignments and tasks and the nature and content of the documents will also vary accordingly, but the primary objective of a technical document, irrespective of its purpose, will be to present a clear and complete picture of the respective technical venture.

There may be a number of factors determining the preparation of a particular technical document and the framework may even differ depending on the topics for the documents and their presentation, area of work, prospects, etc. The following characteristics should be maintained while framing a technical document:

The title of the technical work should be stated clearly at the introductory section of the technical document.

The technical document should have a proper and complete summary of the actual work plan to be executed and the steps and methodologies to be followed, for easy understandability of the document by every member involved in the work.

The document must necessarily contain a glossary of all terms and technical jargons and should present a list of references.

The entire technical document should be presented in a methodical manner and should have a clean and professional approach. It should not miss any of the details and should account for every individual technicality.

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