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A technical document is one which contains technical writing about products. This is a kind of writing found especially in the field of engineering and it involves all written material about the product when it is being developed and even after its development. This is a wide corpus of writings and technical documentation can include manuals, patents, laws and regulation documents and so on. Technical documents are written by writers specializing in technical writing who may not necessarily be experts in the product being written about.

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Technical Document

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User manual for HRK 4466 Smartphone

Date of manufacture of phone: 23rd June 2011

Country of manufacture of phone: China

Price: 100USD

Number of features of the phone:

  • The HRK 4466 Smartphone is a low range mobile in the Smartphone family. Its superiority lies in its capacitive touchscreen which is a steal at this price range.
  • The phone is a dual SIM phone, which will ensure that you can switch from one number to another with ease and without any loss of data.
  • The phone is also equipped with a 2.5mm Jack and high quality headphones. The 4.8MP camera adds to its feature list and the phone also comes equipped with a torch.

The warranty period of the phone is 12 months from the date of purchase. The phone comes equipped with a USD cable, a battery, headphones, external Bluetooth device and a cover. [Please check attached image for an idea of the structure of the phone]

Please contact the following for more information and in case of any problems:

3477564598 [Toll free number]

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