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Technical document is a method of recording information related to a particular product. This document covers the operational and production aspect of the goods and provides information to the interested and subsequent users. This covers a number of functions which includes defining the product, product design, functions and features as well as equipment used. It is necessary that such a document is not wordy or verbose and is made with precise and coherent construction. This will be used for future reference by both users and the company.

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Sample Technical Document Example:

Technical Document Example

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The following is a Technical Document for Product Code: A12343

Company Name: BRIAN Technologies Ltd.

Product Name: XP BRIAN Laptop

Date of documentation: 23/5/2011

Purpose: BRIAN Technologies Ltd has developed a new computer software which has been integrated into a new laptop model, XP BRIAN LAPTOP. This document has been created to enlighten the Board of Directors and the prospective investors and users about its various uses, functions and the advantages over older software models.


  • The functional speed of the laptop has increased 2 times over the previous laptop models using the older software.
  • The software used is called CP Operators. This has been created by the latest IT equipment and ensures longer running over the older software.
  • The XP BRIAN Laptop can be used for the same purposes as the previous laptops with additional features and benefits such as better memory, support system etc.
  • The software also offers an automated anti-virus feature which prevents the laptop from a wide range of malware.

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