Technical Design Document

A technical design document is a document laying down the basic technical design specifications of equipments in words. It gives a concrete outline of the technical requirements of the concerned object and proposes suitable technical changes for improved and enhanced functioning of the product. Thus it should be laid down by engineers very cautiously by taking into account each of the design elements.

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Sample Technical Design Document

Technical Design Document

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Subject: Technical Design Document of Air Conditioner

Name of the electronic company: Bajaj Electronics

Name of the electronic equipment: Air conditioner

Technical design document prepared by: Yank Freeman, Technical Product Designer. Designing Department, Bajaj Electronics

Date of submission of document: 20th February, 2017

Purpose: The purpose of commissioning the technical design document for air conditioners chiefly adheres to the fact that the company wants to redesign the product and make some technical changes to the machine and the get-up of the equipment.

Equipment specifications:

  • Size: 1 ton
  • Current consumption level: 2.0 Kilowatt

Technical changes made to the mother design:

  • The electrical consumption of the machine has been reduced by way of reformation from 3 stars to 5 stars.
  • The machine has been restructured and compressed into a smaller version so that the equipment fits easily in any corner.
  • The weight of the machine has been increased to 1.5 ton for more effect.

Uses of the aforesaid changes:

  • The up gradation from 3 stars to 5 stars would allow the user to save electricity to a large extent.
  • Increase in weight would ensure greater cooling effect for larger rooms.

Signature of the Technical Product Designer: ________________________

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