Technical Design Document

The technical design document is created by the company specifically for the purpose of informing the users about the technical design of a product. This includes modifications or proposal to modify certain features of the product. This is a detailed documentation of the physical design of the product to be created or already created. The creation of such a document is to create a roadmap for future developments and changes to be made to the product. It should contain information about labor and time. The technical consultant must be involved in the formulation of this technical design document so that all aspects are covered.

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Sample Technical Design Document:

Technical Design Document

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Product Code: T5671

Company Name: WIFI Company Ltd

Product name: TP Mouse

Date: 4/6/2011

Purpose: The WIFI Co. Ltd requires providing a detailed report on the technical design of the TP mouse being developed for the new laptop computers created. This will be introduced in the market in one year.


TP Mouse Design Features:

  • The newest feature to be added to the design is the motion detection with a collision mesh that is able to identify and scan any form of motion.
  • Object motion function has been added along with a new cursor model for proper detection function.
  • Game-play feature has been added for in-game design.
  • Game saving feature has also been added for writing data out, loading appropriate mission, inventory state, writing start game time and identifying character position.
  • The outer covering will be designed according to user fingering/clicking advantage.

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