Technical Architecture Document

The technical architecture document takes into consideration the technical aspects of architectural process and implementation, the development of test and live environments, and financial requirements including capital costs and annual recurrent costs. The technical architecture document is normally signed between two or more people or organizations including the primary architect and the project manager from the respective organizations.

Sample Technical Architecture Document:

Technical Architecture Document

Subject: This document is a technical architecture agreement between Mr. Greeves and EKoll Inc.

Name of the architect:  Mr. Jim Greeves

Name of the project manager (Ekoll Inc.): Mr. Dan Morrison

Purpose: To build a technical architectural framework that needs to be developed wholly by Mr. Greeves and will be tested before implementation on third party servers.

Scope: The scope lies in facilitating the development of certain softwares and to manage existing softwares on our webspace.

Architectural goals and constraints: These are some of the important goals and constraints-

a)      Centralizing application control

b)      Capability for incrementally building the system

c)      Increasing said opportunities for optimizing the architecture of the applications

d)     Assigning developers possessing specific skills to achieve higher productivity

Topology Diagram: The system architecture comprises of a multi-tier architecture and each architectural tier comprises of multiple layers.

System Architecture costs: Costs will vary depending on the approach taken during development of the said architecture. There is multiple development approaches mentioned in this document with their costs attached.

Testing: The system architecture will be tested for bugs and bottlenecks before it is made live. Any bottlenecks found during the implementation stage will be addresses immediately.

Deployment Environment: The deployment environment can be chosen by Ekoll Inc. or by Mr. Greeves depending purely on the need.

Signature: (Mr. Greeves):____________________


Counter-signature (Mr. Morrison): ___________________


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