Technical Approach Document

The technical approach document encompasses the various technical requirements of an organization and is related mostly to various approaches that need to be followed with regards to development and testing of software, software environments etc. The technical approach document addresses various questions and issues related to technical development and implementation including functional tests, automated tests, end user environment, technology used, security issues, concurrent users, functionality cataloguing, interoperability, performance, reliability and accuracy and much more.

Sample Technical Approach Document:

Technical Approach Document

Subject: This technical approach document has been created by Everbytes and needs to be discussed before implementation by ICUI.

Name of the Client:  Ms. Elena Hargo (Everbytes)

Name of the consultant: Mr. Craig Evans (ICUI)

Document Overview: The Technical Approach Document describes the various methodologies that the ICUI team will use for creating and implementing the Technical Architecture Management System (TAMS) for Everbytes. This document will also serve as the basis of understanding how the work needs to be performed under the TAMS Statement of Work (SOW).

Limitation of the current system: The Technical Approach Document will address the limitations of the existing system and ensure that there are no further limitations in the existing system as well as the new system. The following are important limitations:

a)      Significantly dependent on legacy application technologies

b)      Current application technology expensive to maintain

c)      Restrictions in application strategies vis-à-vis program goals

d)     Emerging technologies incompatibility with system

e)      Does not meet the emerging and changing technical and business needs of end users.

Quality Assurance Methodology: A Quality Master plan to be designed and put in place for measuring aspects like available resources, end-user experience, and expected outcomes.

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