Technical Analysis Document

The technical analysis document is used primarily by enterprises that require program implementation analysis. The technical analysis document covers several areas including cost or benefit assessment, identification of both tangible and intangible benefits, compatibility of technology with current environments, requirements related to user acceptance, matrix of technology, feasibility and security, cost of modifications, conversion costs and user support costs among others. This document is normally prepared by a program analyst or a project manager and is reviewed by the executive members of an enterprise.

Sample Technical Analysis Document:

Technical Analysis Document

Subject: This technical analysis document has been created by Ellis Software Co and needs to be reviewed prior to implementation by JIMCO.

Created by:  Mr. Rick Harding (Ellis Software Co)

Reviewed by: Mr. James Ivory (JIMCO)


“I have reviewed all the relevant information enclosed in this technical approach document and verify that the information is consistent with my ideas, intentions, and thoughts related to the subject matter at hand.  I understand that the information enclosed herein is subject to modification, changes, updation, and further revision.”

Approver’s Signature_______________________________________ Date __________


Version:  Draft / Beta

Cost Benefit Assessment:

Various costs associated are identified as under:

a)      Operational costs: operation of existing system

b)      Personnel costs: costs of recruiting and retaining employees

c)      IT costs: technology upgradation and computer operation

d)     Data costs: Maintenance of data, storage, server maintenance etc

e)      Infrastructure costs

Tangible and Intangible Benefits: Identification

a)      Tangible benefits: This includes new source of revenue, cost cutting, increased profits, lower maintenance costs, and other marketable components

b)      Intangible benefits: This includes accurate information, improved flexibility and controls and competitive edge.

Technology Analysis: Can the new software be modified prior to implementation in order to meet the requirements of a changing environment? The following areas need to be reviewed:

a)      Available technology vis-à-vis current environment

b)      Server and network requirements

c)      Operating system

d)     Client server requirements

e)      User acceptance requirements

f)       Recommended solutions

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