Takeover Agreement Document

A takeover agreement document is one which highlights the terms and conditions defining a takeover move of one company or organization by another. It also highlights that the decision is one of mutual understanding and acceptance. It is a legal document and is a kind of implicit acceptance of the company being taken over to the authority of the company initiating the takeover. It must be written in the correct manner and the necessary details should be provided.

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Sample Takeover Agreement Document:

Takeover Agreement Document

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The following document attests the agreement between Syntax Inc. [henceforth referred to as company A] and Dina’s Boutique [henceforth referred to as company B] regarding the takeover of the latter by the former. This agreement has been documented in its development from the earliest stages of discussion to the last and final acceptance document.

Attached along with this takeover agreement document is a copy of the power of attorney of company B. Company A shall takeover B and also provide space for the employees of the latter concern in their new structure. This is one of the most important conditions on which the takeover agreement document has been accepted by all concerned. The details of payment, amount of money to be paid and mode of payment are analyzed in the dossier attached along with this document.

The takeover agreement document is founded on certain terms and conditions which must be adhered to by all concerned. In case of disputes, the matter shall lie with the authority of the Court of New York.

Signature of owner, company A: ____________________

Signature of owner, company B: _____________________

Signature of advocate: ___________________

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