System Specification Document

A system specification document is used to present the functions, performance and limitations of a software product or system. The document should contain an overview of the product which shall describe what the system is supposed to do and the jobs it will perform. Once an introduction has been given, the next stage is to write the architecture of the system which shall include details of what browser it will have, the server it will use, will it have any mailer subsystem, various performance issues will be discussed and the constraints in design will also be discussed. Thus this document serves to compile all the information that represents the requirements of a system.

Sample System Specification Document:

Name of company: Shark Enterprises

Address: 743 Bushy Lane, Ohio

Document prepared by: Will Canning

Project Leader, Shark Enterprises

Document prepared on: April 10, 2012

Document submitted on: April 12, 2012

Document name: System specifications for Creation, a course instructor’s toolkit

Purpose: The purpose of the document is to lay down the system specifications of the product which will help the instructors to form, modify or edit web-based tasks, which students can log in and complete after their identity has been authenticated

Other details:

  • The system has two user interfaces: The participants and the creators.

The browser will send information about every user to system and once it is authenticated, it will exchange information about the task with the system.

The builder will create the assignments by passing assignment information with the system

Document approved and signed by: Davy Jones

Manager, Shark Enterprises

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