Strategy Plan Document

A strategy plan document is a way of presenting a strategy, plan, proposition or method by which a certain purpose can be achieved. It can be an in-house strategy where the company seeks to achieve some goals or it can be created by a company for another to promote a product or service. Whatever may be the topic of the strategy, one must include certain points to make it an effective plan. The goal must be clearly identified and the plan must be made in such a way that the goal is reached. The stakeholders and their requirements must be kept in mind and if it involves money, a budget must be fixed. Analysis of competitors must be done and one’s own strengths and weaknesses must be examined before creating a strategy.

Sample Strategy Plan Document:

Name of company: Brown Industries

Address: 922 Lilly Lane, Chicago

Document prepared by: Tina Farson

Senior team member, Brown Industries

Document prepared on: April 10, 2012

Document submitted on: April 14, 2012

Document name: Corporate internal communication strategy plan

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to present a strategy plan by which there will be a better and stronger flow of communication between the management and the employees

Other details:

  • Mission statement: Our mission is to open the flow of communication between every member of the organization, no matter what their designation is, so that there is a healthy exchange of ideas which will benefit the company
  • Responses from the staff will analyzed through surveys, interviews, brainstorming sessions

Document approved and signed by: Rachel Greene

Manager, Brown Industries

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