Strategy Documents

Strategy documents are those documents that, as the name suggests, describe a strategy. Now there are various uses of such documents, but mainly strategy documents are used more as business strategy papers. Such documents are created by doing a lot of research and study and thus hold a lot of importance in whichever field they are used.

Any strategy document needs to focus on two main things-objectives of the strategy and the final goals which shall be achieved by following the strategy. The thing to keep in mind while framing a strategy document is that the points should be written in a certain format so that the document doesn’t seem confusing and is in a proper order.

The following can be considered the proper way of drafting a strategy document:

  • If it is a business strategy document, then first start by giving a summary of the business and its main purpose. This paragraph should be very brief and precise.
  • Move on to describing the problems faced and defining the probable solution which shall help to overcome the problems(this can be considered as ‘strategy’)
  • The third section of a strategy document must deal with the finance aspect of the strategy. An approximation of the cost or resources used should be given along with the time period that will be taken to complete the proposed strategy.
  • A formal tone must be used throughout the document and it should be kept in mind that the strategy doesn’t criticise the existing ones used in any way. Rather suggest methods to overcome the flaws.

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