Strategy Document Format

A strategy document format is a text based article on a strategy document. It deals with the strategies, plans and programs of an organization which are specifically listed down for the organization to reach its goals and objectives as desired. It must be formulated in an irrefutable manner so that a sound goal and objective system can be achieved.

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Sample Strategy Document Format

Strategy Document Format

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Title of the document ______________________

Date ________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must encompass the details of the companies involved with the preparation of the strategy document. It must name the organization applying for the strategy document and the name of the organization who undertakes the task of doing it. The date of authorisation must be mentioned. These details must be accurately laid down as the strategies are directly binding on the aims and purposes of the organization.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must elucidate the different strategies and aspirations of the organization. It must clearly indicate the various aspects of planning related to the working of the employees, sector to be served, time and quantity of supplies, foreign collaborations and business sales depending on the responsibilities, principles and background of the organization. The benefits and gains of the organization must be counted to verify the validity and subsequent implementation of the strategies.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must entail a watertight conclusion about the strategy document. It must illustrate the values and liabilities of the strategies enlisted. It must give a clear impression of the tactics and policies pursued by the organization and the relation that exists between the plans and goal achievements.

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