Standard Tender Document

The standard tender document is a tender proposal that contains the details of the tendering process, the procurement policies, the value of the products etc. A standard tender document is normally issued by an organization and in most cases by government institutions and civic agencies. Most standard tender documents are issued under the Open Tendering Method where the entity wanting to procure can select a tenderer from a list of pre-qualified tenderers. Tender documents contain a number of things including Instructions to Tenderers (ITT), Tender Data Sheet (TDS), Evaluation and Qualification Criteria, and tendering forms.

Sample Standard Tender Document:

Standard Tender Document

Introduction: This is a standard tender document drafted for procurement of works associated with buildings and other civil engineering works whose value should not exceed US $ 5 Million and tendering for the same can be done by local as well as International tenderers.

Tenderer Information:  All tenderers wanting to participate should provide qualification Information. All concerned tenderers need to provide a brief description of their proposed method of work as well as schedule, including graphical analysis and drawings wherever necessary.

Minimum Criteria: There is a basic minimum qualifying criteria that a tender needs to qualify for in order to be awarded with the Contract. This includes the following:

a)      Liquid assets and credit facilities

b)      Experience as the primary contractor in a construction project similar to the current project

c)      Summary of construction work accomplished in the last 10 years

d)     Annual volume of construction work should be a minimum of 1.5 times the estimated annual cashflow for the contract

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