Standard Lease Document

A standard lease document is a formal document which is used in the case when one person or party agrees to lease an entity or belonging to another person or party for a fixed period of time and in return for a certain lease payment. These documents are used to record the major details of the lease such as significant dates, lease amount, details of parties involved, item to be leased etc. A standard lease document is an important and legally binding document which, if violated can lead to legal implications for the party at fault. Given below is a sample of a standard lease document.

Sample Standard Lease Document:

Date: 10th July 2012

Date of commencement of lease: 20th July 2012

Date of termination: 20th Jan 2012

Name of lessor: Miss. Sarah Jacob

Name of lessee: Mr. Tim Brown

Item to be leased by lessor to lessee: office space of 200 sq ft.

Rent amount per month: $1500

Method of payment: Cash

Important details of lease arrangement made between the parties:

  • The lessor will have a right to visit the office space for inspection whenever she wishes to but only by giving a 1 week prior notice to the lessee.
  • The lessee can only use the office space for commercial purpose and not for any other personal activity. If found to do so, he shall be held punishable by law and actions would be taken against him.
  • The lessor shall be providing the lessee with electricity and internet connection whereas water supply, maintenance and other amenities have to be taken care of by the lessee himself.
  • The lessee has to return the office space to the lessor on the termination date in a proper and clean condition.
  • Both the parties must understand that lease shall terminate if any of these terms and violated.


Sarah Jacob

Tim Brown

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