Specification Requirements Document

A specification requirements document is an important aspect to be discussed before the development of a system because it outlines how a particular system is supposed to behave and function. It contains both functional and non-functional requirements. The document describes describe all the interactions the users will have with the software and also the requirements which enforce restrictions on the design and implementation. By having a proper specification requirements document, the various requirements for software can be analyzed and validated. In order to find out the right specification requirements, the developer needs to have a discussion with the client and then get a clear understanding of the products that are to be developed.

Sample Specification Requirements Document:

Name of company: Glass View Inc

Address: 833 Green Hill Lane, Richardson

Document prepared by: Danny Johnson

Project Leader, Glass View Inc

Document prepared on: April 10, 2012

Document submitted on: April 12, 2012

Name of client: World Marketing Services

Document name: Integrated Marketing System

Version: V1

Purpose: The purpose of the document is to lay down the specification requirements which will help create a website for the client where people and small-scale companies can come together to trade and get the option to choose from a wide variety of products and buy them with no risk or hazards

Other details:

  • External hardware required would be employee workstations, networks like internet, Local Area Network.
  • Scalable bandwidth will be up to 100 Mbps per port
  • There will be fast ethernet switched environment

Document approved and signed by: Joshua Jackson

Manager, Glass View Inc

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