Specification Documents

Specification documents are those documents that are used to explain or discuss the specifications of a particular product, service or a project. In such documents, the main focus should be on writing down the information of the product or service that the document deals with. Basically, specification document act as a guide on how a particular piece of work is supposed to be done.

Specification documents are generally very detailed as they may consist of the very minute details about something. There are many areas that can be covered with the help of these documents. The following few points shall give a brief on the parts that constitute a specification document:

  • Depending upon the type of specification document, one can use diagrams, flow charts or models to describe the specifications of the product or project. Basically, anything that can be a self introduction or self description is used to frame a specification document.
  • Specification documents may be used to list down the errors and their proper correction and implementation in case of software related products.
  • Specification documents can be used to give step by step description of the functional interactions and the order in which a task must be done by the user. In such a case, the document should be preferably drafted in bulleted or point wise form to give it a more user friendly look.

The importance of such documents lies in the fact that they help to determine the quality, feasibility or practicality of a project. Without these documents, it would become difficult to analyse certain aspects of the product or service concerned.

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