Specification Document Format

A specification document format serves as a manual of technical provisions and specifications. It is devised with expert help so that the requirements laid down in it are accurate and serve the purpose well. Any fault or ambiguity in the specifications can lead to serious technical loopholes in functioning of the concerned equipment.

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Sample Specification Document Format

Specification Document Format

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Title of the document ________________

Date _______________________

First paragraph: The first paragraph must contain the name of the company hiring a firm to authorise a specification document for a particular machine. The name of the consulting firm must be mentioned who has been hired to issue the document. The date of authorisation of the document must be given too. Since the specifications are the ultimate verified technical requirements, the details provided have to be very specific and accurate. Otherwise the performance of the equipment may be greatly hampered often leading to breakout of technical faults.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must clearly and distinctively mention the nature of specification document demanded for the technical tool. It must list down the necessities and conditions to the point including the tools and implements required for proper and successful functioning of the concerned equipment, the services expected of the equipment and the procedure to check the extent to which these requirements are fulfilled.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must give an outline of the whole document. It must have the signatures of the team head in charge of authorising the specification document. The contact details must be correctly provided so that the company can consult the department head to collect more information if required in future.

iMv s=�X= style=’mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in’>The rated voltage of oil required for the working of the concerned transformer is 18KV.

  • The material required for high and low voltage winding of transformer is copper.
  • An arrangement of earthing is necessary for the transformer.
  • The painting of the transformer body is required to be of superior quality.
  • Rated capacity of high tension bushing and low tension bushing should be of 11 KV and 400 V respectively.
  • Procedure of Equipment testing: A thorough computer based checking of the supply and quality records of the items have to be established to ensure that the functional requirements are met.

    Signature of the Consulting Engineer: ___________________________________

    Date: _____________________

    Place: ____________________

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