Small Business Document

Small business document is a professionally developed article which programmes the components and prospects of a small business in a pre-planned manner. It must be prepared concisely so that the readers get a clear depiction of the business orientations and intentions. It is an extremely important document for a small-scale business firm.

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Small Business Document

Small Business Document

Download Free Small Business Document

Name of the organization: Kleenex Wipes

Base of operation: India

Address: 5, Sullivan Street, New Delhi

Email address:

Product name: Face-tissues

Objective: India is a humid country perennially afflicted with scarce rainfall and high temperatures. So the company has come up with this new range that would ease the pain of millions of Indians.

Product specification: The wipes are moisturised with fresh and aromatic liquids extracted from cucumber, lavender and rosewater. The wet forms ensure moistness for a considerable span of time while the waterless ones absorb oil from face.

Target: The company plans to sell at least 20, 00,000 wipe packs by the year-end and make more people use it by providing free samples at traffic signals and roads. The intention is to expand sales besides the company’s prominence in the home and national market.

The following are the main business plans and strategies:

  • The company has recently gone a notch higher by collaborating with K.K Online Marketers, a renowned marketing agency, for more rigid marketing operations.
  • It is in talks with a private financial organization that will help with capital investments.
  • For safeguard against accidental loss, a general insurance policy has been adopted by it for complete physical and financial protection.

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