Short Term Lease Document

A short term lease document is a formal document which is used to record the various details of a short term lease arrangement or set up made between a party which owns a particular entity (lessor) and a party who agrees to lease that entity (lessee). A short term lease is a type of a lease which is effective for a short period of time which is generally anything that lasts for less than 12 months. Any short term lease document is legally binding for the involved parties and its terms must be abided by for the smooth functioning of the lease. Given below is a sample of a short term lease document which can be referred to by anyone.

Sample Short Term Lease Document:

Present date: 1st May 2012

Commencement date of lease: 1st June 2012

Period of lease: 30 days

Item to be leased: Xerox machine

Model number: 34/p, Canon

Rent per day: $10

Total rent: $300

Lessor name: Henry Fredrick

Lessor phone number: 49834703404

Email Id:

Lessee name: Tim Henderson

Lessee phone number: 482340404304

Email Id:

Significant features of short term lease arrangement:

  1. The lessor will hold a right to inspect the Xerox machine anytime during the 30 days period.
  2. The lessee shall have to arrange or buy all the materials which are required for photocopying, scanning, printing etc.
  3. The lessee would be held responsible for any kind of damage that is caused to the machine during the 30 days.
  4. The lessor will provide transfers of the machine to and from the location submitted by the lessee.
  5. The machine must not be transported outside London during the 30 days.

The parties have agreed to the various features of the lease arrangement and have the right to extend the lease after the termination date.

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