Service Agreement Document

A service agreement document is a framework of the service specifications declared and settled between the service provider and the customer for a stipulated period of time. The agreement may be seasonal or perennial depending on the customer’s discretion. The document should be, thus, constructed with legal force given to the settlements and laws governing them.

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Sample Service Agreement Document

Service Agreement Document

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Service agreement number: 2792280

Agreement is held between:

1. Woman’s Era Magazine (delegated as service provider)

2. Miss. Susanne Butler (delegated as customer)

The subscription to the service qualifies the rules and regulations integrated within the document and stands on the mutual agreement of the service provider and customer wherein the former promises to provide a door step service to the latter.

Outline of the service:

  • The service providing company will appoint its own officials to deliver a copy of the magazine to the customer’s house.
  • The service will be conducted every week, that is, 4 times per month, and the service period will be effectuated from 7th May, 2011 till 7th October, 2011.
  • The service will include couriers of special gifts dispatched from the office.


  • The subscription charges shall be paid within 4th April, 2011 in cheque by post or in person to the office headquarters which is located on 5, Gender Street, US.
  • The subscription charge per month is $50.00 and the magazine charge is $30.00 which amounts to $80.00 which shall have to be paid altogether. Thus the total fee is $480.00.


Executive Director (service provider)

Susanne Butler (customer)


1st April, 2011

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