Separation Contract Document

A separation contract document is one which underlines the terms and conditions that follow an individual’s separation from his or her spouse. It is a document which has to be sanctioned by the law and it is usually formulated prior to applying for divorce. In most states of the country, a separation document precedes the divorce settlement and hence, it is an important document which must be drafted carefully, preferable by legal professionals.

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Sample Separation Contract Document:

Separation Contract Document

Download Free Separation Contract Document

The following is the separation contract document between Mr. John Reese of 56 Hawthorne Avenue, New York and Mrs. Elizabeth Reese [nee Daniels]. The duration of separation is nine months as provided for by the law of the country [check overleaf for more information] as compulsory separation period before applying for a divorce. The estranged couple has applied for separation based on irreconcilable differences. They shall undergo the compulsory marital counseling of three months before being eligible for application of a divorce contract.

The dates of commencement and termination of the separation contract are 3rd June 2011 and 3rd March 2012 respectively. Between this period, if the couple so wishes, they may opt out of pursuing the divorce agreement. However, in case they do pursue the option of divorce, the case shall be referred to the Sessions Court of New York.

All terms and conditions attached to this case must be clearly read and understood by all parties concerned. The necessary documents must be attached along with the separation contract document.

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