Separation Agreement Document

A separation agreement document is one which highlights the main tenets indicating and affirming the mutual decision of two individuals to separate and annul their marital bond. It is a legal document and is usually one that is framed before divorce. A separation period is a prerequisite for the court to grant an official divorces, and hence the separation document is an important one and must be written clearly.

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Sample Separation Agreement Document:

Separation Agreement Document

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The following document is the separation agreement document between Mr. Neil Harris of 45 Red Maple Street and Mrs. Martha Harris [nee Rogers], his wife. The two have decided to separate for a period of one year in order to make themselves eligible for annulment of their marriage, which can only be granted after the minimum separation period of one year has been completed. The two have no issue. All property that jointly belonged to both of them has been equally divided as per agreement and there is no case of dispute between the couple regarding matters of property.

The couple has alluded to irreconcilable differences as their reason for opting for separation. They have undergone the mandatory marriage counseling before they applied for the separation to be granted. All terms and conditions governing the separation agreement must be adhered to. Any dispute will be tried under the jurisprudence of the court of New York. The separation agreement shall be for duration of one year, following which the couple can opt for a complete annulment or they may choose to reconcile again as per their wish.

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